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Kuching is the capital of Sarawak, is simply unique. No other city in Malaysia has such a romantic and unlikely history, nor displays its charms with such an easy grace. The residents of Kuching (pop. 650,000 approx.) enjoy living here, and take great pride in their fascinating city, which is reflected in their attitude to visitors.

Sibu is the largest port and commercial centre in the Rejang Basin and the gateway to Central Sarawak.  Located at the confluence of the Rejang and Igan Rivers, approximately 130 km from the South China Sea, Sibu is a thriving modern town with a vibrant centre and a bustling, crowded waterfront.

Bintulu is nowadays Sarawak’s main industrial town and principal deep-water port, servicing the oil, gas and timber industries. The town is located at the mouth of the Kemena River and has a population of approximately 180,000, made up primarily of Ibans, Chinese, Malays and Melanaus, with a smattering of Bisayas, Kedayans, Bidayuhs, Orang Ulus and a large expatriate contingent.

Miri is rapidly becoming Sarawak's most popular tourist destination. With its lively nightlife, it is where the oil workers and weekend visitors from neighboring Brunei escape to. As a resort city, Miri offers a wide range of accommodation from international class hotels to budget inns, good beaches and dozens of lively restaurants, pubs and bars.

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